Activities of Assotiation of the blind of Canton Sarajevo have been supported by:

SIDA - Swedish International Development Co – operation Agency


SHIA - Swedish Organizations' of Disabled persons international aid Association - changed its name to:

MyRight – Empowers people with disabilities is an umbrella organisation within the disability movement which works at the request of 30 member organisations


SRF - The Swedish Organizations of Visually Impaired Persons


SRF - The Stockholm's Organizations of Visually Impaired Persons


Have been financing our project named «Organization development» aimed to prepare blind and visually impaired persons for independent life, to increase level of their education and rehabilitation as well as help them participate in all society activities.

2015 - 2017 implemented similar of the three-year Project "Capacity building of the organizations of the blind in F B&H ”

The realization of the joint project "Improved long-term sustainability of the Association of the Blind in the Sarajevo Canton and other organizations of the blind in the Federation through education, advocacy and awareness-raising  2018 – 2021"
 All projects were financially supported by MyRight from Sweden.


The Kvinna Till Kvinna Foundation from Sweden

Had been financing our project named «Assistance to blind and visually impaired women» , aimed to provide different kinds of support for 50 blind and visually impaired women in Canton Sarajevo. The project was completed by the end of 2007.



European Union:

"IN – Implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities in BIH”

Analysis and harmonization of laws and regulations at all levels of BiH in comlience with UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


The City of Sarajevo – City government

Has been cofinancing the project aimed to inform blind and visually impaired persons in Canton Sarajevo through «Sound newspaper».

Canton Sarajevo

through Ministry of labour, social politic, refuges and displaced persons,

from its budget resources, has been giving us financial support for part of our administrative and overhead expenses

You or your organization/company are also invited to support work and activities of Assotiation of the blind of Canton Sarajevo.

Municipality Centar – Sarajevo
Co-finance the project "Increasing social inclusion of blind people through various forms of education and rehabilitation"

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Potential donors:

First of all we would like to say hello in our and on behalf of our company's name.

We are very young company founded in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whos primar activity is producing furniture out of high quality solid wood. Perhaps, you know that knoledge and tradition in wood processing are one of the most important sectors of the economy in our conutry.

Our company's name is Alestra LTD and we are offering handmade lamps-primar activity, easels and laptop holders made from high quality solid wood and different type of finishes such as oiling, lacquering etc. Currently, our offer is limited but in the future we have plan to increase the volume and quantity of our products. Our products will be presented online on European market based on standard dimensions for such products but it's not excluded to produce these products per order and per customer's wishes.

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Rustic wood, metal, glass, inox, natural looking bamboo tree... are only short list of materials what is usable in making of different types of lamps. Every piece is interesting and unique on it's own way and it represents sprecial inspiration for us to combine the light in a home as well as in the office.

It's very important to know that all of our products are made by persons with disabilities. The importance of the company for social community is even greater because it employs persons with disabilities who don't have the possibility of employment under equal conditions on the labour market in relation to the remaining working capacity which makes our products unique. From the sale of each of our products, €1 is allocated for the Association of blind people of the Canton of Sarajevo.

These products have been produced by our workers hands and from the high quality wood.

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Milinkladska 9, 71000 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

mobile: +38761303647