Ongoing projects:

Project:" Improved capacities of the organizations of the blind in F B&H cantons 2015 – 2017”

This project is a continuation of the long-standing cooperation between the Association of the Blind of Canton Sarajevo and the Swedish Association of the Blind ( SRF Stockholm ) , supported by SHIA / MyRight .

On the basis of acquired knowledge and experience , and in accordance with the recommendations of the evaluators and partners from Sweden , a new three-year project aimed at transferring knowledge gained in USKS to the organizations of the blind in FB&H was developed.

The overall objective of this Project is : " Increased level of social inclusion of blind people in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina" .

In accordance with the overall objective, Project objective is defined as : " Improved capacities of the organizations of the blind in 4 FB&H cantons, for more efficient advocacy on implementation of the CRPD."

In order to achieve the project objective, four project intermediate objectives are defined, which will practically, to the same extent , be realized during 3-year period in Sarajevo , Zenica- Doboj , Herzegovina- Neretva and Una- Sana Canton .

Through the implementation of activities within these four intermediate objectives, the following achievements are expected: creation of a system and methodology for transfering knowledge to other organizations of the blind in FB&H, , raising personal capacity of blind peopleensuring their efficient functioning in daily life , enhancing organizational and material capacities of organizations of the blind in selected cantons , in order to ensure their greater impact on decision -makers; creating conditions for the inclusion of the blind in networks and coalitions , and building partnerships with civil society organizations and government institutions .

The project is funded by SIDA, MyRight - Sweden and the Swedish Association of the Blind.

IN – Implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities

Regardless of progress made in promotion and protection of persons with disabilities, which includes ratifying theUN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and bringing the strategies for advancement of social position of persons with disabilities at entities’ level, persons with disabilities remain one of the most vulnerable groups in BiH society and belong to groups that are amongst the most exposed to discrimination in all fields of life ( such as employment, transportation, education, social protection, sport…).

Having this in mind, five civil society organizations, of which four directly work with persons with disabilities, have created project with title "IN – Implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in BiH”. The main applicant is Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, whereas partner organizations are: Organization of amputees "UDAS” of Republic of Srpska, the Association of the Blind of Canton Sarajevo, The Union of Associations for help to mentally disabled persons in Republic of SrpskaandAssociation of Paraplegics and Persons with Infatile Paralysis Federation of BiH(APPIP FBiH).

The project is designed to act in two directions – towards legal interventions (harmonization of domestic regulations at all levels with the UN Convention and removal of causes of persons with disabilities discrimination) and towards empowerment of organizations of persons with disabilities and their equal integration into social processes. The main approach will be based on human rights concept which emphasizes a person/individual, her/his possibilities, rights, obligations and responsibilities and not the disability as one of her/his characteristics, i.e. it begins from the right to be different and which sees the disability as a problem of the society which did not create the same conditions and possibilities for all citizens living in it regardless of their diversity.

Overall objective:is to contribute to equal integration of disabled persons into social processes and provide the unique enjoyment of the rights and freedoms of disabled persons on the whole BiH territory.

Purpose of project is improvement of life conditions of persons with disability, through harmonization of domestic legislation with the UN Convention, strengthening the capacities of organizations of disabled persons and its networking and affirmation of the human rights approach in solving problems of persons with disabilities.

Main project activities

- Establishment of universal web platform for persons with disabilities that will serve as a key source of data and exchange of information relevant for persons with disabilities.
- Analysis and harmonization of laws and regulations at all levels of BiH in comlience with UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
- Capacity building of organizations for persons with disabilities through organization of trainings and delivery of small grants.
- Preparation and development of strategy of efficient model of cooperation among organizations of persons with disabilities.
- Organization of meetings of Council for persons with disabilities BiH with a goal of support to their work.
- Organization of many visibility actions with a goal to promote project activities and awareness raising toward persons with disabilities.

Expected results

- Relevant laws and bylaws drafted based on analysis and consultation process with relevant authorities
- Capacities of organizations of persons with disabilities stregnthened and
level of social inclusion of person with disabilities increased through implementation of trainings awarded projects in local communities
Human rights approach in solving problem of PWD fully promoted through cooperation of CSO and media

The project is funded by Europen Union.


"Talking Magazine”

The project "Informing the blind in accessible format – Talking Magazine "
Within this Project, informing blind people through the "Talking Magazine” has been provided in audio format. This magazine is issued by the Association of the Blind of Canton Sarajevo, in MP3 format. The magazine is published monthly and distributed to blind and visually impaired persons in B&H and abroad. The magazine deals with all the topics that are of interest to the blind. During last fifteen years, this Magazine publishing has been funded by the City of Sarajevo - City Administration

The project "Increasing social inclusion of blind people through education and purchase of tiflo-technical aids"
Through this project, funded by Centar Municipality in Sarajevo, increasing social inclusion of blind people living in Centar Municipality has been worked on.
Activities carried out are:
- Psychosocial support;
- Procurement of assistive devices;
- Various courses;
- Trips and meetings of the Association members.

Centar Municipality in Sarajevo has been co-financing similar projects since 2000.